How bedtime stories help boosting your child’s self-confidence

Bedtime stories are a part of many children’s bedtime routines. While it is a great bonding time between parent and child and helps children to wind down at night, it can also build self-confidence in them. Most children’s books have a lesson or theme that can demonstrate problem-solving or coping skills. Reading different stories to children helps them understand their own emotions and provides information about the different ways they can process their feelings. When children understand that their feelings are normal and others have similar experiences, they struggle less to communicate those feelings.

Stories are also a great escape for adults and for children. A lot of people use books and stories to take a break from reality. The downtime from worrying about daily life and relaxing with a good book can be energizing and rejuvenating. It’s a brief escape that doesn’t require money or travel. Teaching children the skills to take breaks and unwind will help them to process stress or other negative feelings. Taking time to regroup is a great way to change perspective. Sometimes children struggle to overcome their negative feelings and breaks are a good way to accomplish this. Children who understand that their feelings are normal and are taught ways to process, rather than suppress, their feelings, will have a greater chance of making personal connections, which is important for developing confidence.

Bedtime routines also help parents and children bond, it’s a time to be close and snuggle. It gives a child a sense of love and belonging. One of the most important foundations of self-confidence is a sense of belonging, a sense of human connection. Creating a ritual that demonstrates consistency gives children an activity to rely on and look forward to. They will know that regardless of how their day has gone or what struggles they may endure, a bonding time will come at bedtime.

Storytime is a time for relaxation and escape but it is also important for children to feel the sense of security that comes from a parent taking time out of their day to focus on their needs. Bedtime stories can be done anywhere, if you take your child on a long trip, move or experience other changes in life, the reliability of bedtime stories provides a sense of stability. When a child feels loved, stable and is provided with the knowledge that their emotions are typical, they are certain to develop a strong sense of self-confidence.

As children grow, they will experience so many different emotions and encounter various problems in life. Providing stability is one of the most important aspects in helping them with healthy development. A great way to help children understand different problems is through bedtime stories that offer lessons and examples of various experiences. Bedtime stories are also a ritual that provides bonding time and demonstrates consistency. Giving time to a child, especially through reading bedtime stories, is a tremendous gift. A child that has a strong foundation understands emotions and feels loved and valued. Bedtime stories help boosting your child’s confidence.

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