My top 4 instant de-stressors

While technology has made our life more convenient it seems there is a growing number of people out there who are stressed. Stress is a fact of life but if left unchecked it could take a serious toll on the quality of our life and health. In order to help deal with this stress, I have come up with some easy to implement tips on how to de-stress. By following these instant de-stressors you should be able to make the most of your life.

Importance of Exercise

Exercise is a vital component of good health, however, for the majority of people out there we spend a good portion of our life sitting down. While sitting down is fine it can lead to a buildup of stress and is not good for our overall health. By getting regular exercise, even if it is something simple like going for a 30-minute walk can release endorphins which help boost our mood. Getting outside will also help change our mind and get us away from the causes of our stress. If you can, try walking to work or taking a walk during your lunch break and you will see your stress levels drop.

Prioritizing Your Work

This is another area where you can address your stress levels. If you are bombarded with Emails and colleagues interrupting you while working, it would be prudent to prioritize your work. By making a list of things that need to be completed before you start your day it gives you a sense of control. As you go down the list of tasks completed your stress levels will go down and you will feel a sense of accomplishment. It may be fruitful to take care of the most difficult tasks first and save the easier ones for the end of the day so you have something fun to look forward to. Do the best with the resources you have available to you and if you require help, do not be ashamed to ask for it.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

A significant number of us sacrifice sleep trying to meet deadlines. While it may seem like we are boosting our productivity the reality is we are hurting ourselves and limiting our success. Lack of sleep increases stress hormones and negatively impacts our mental faculties. If you make it a priority to sleep at night your stress levels will drop and your productivity will actually improve.

Spend Time with People You Like

Socializing with people you care about will help reduce stress and get your mind off whatever it is that is stressing you. Make it a point to not consume alcohol since that can lead to more stress and have a negative impact on your decision making processes. If you make some minor changes in your lifestyle you will soon realize that your stress levels are manageable just be sure to take things gradually and don’t be too hard on yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day so follow the adage slow and steady and you will reach your stress reduction goals.

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