The beauty of life

Life isn’t always something that seems stereotypically beautiful – there isn’t always sunshine and it isn’t always easy. The beauty of life lies in that fact, though. Life is beautiful because it’s ever-changing, it’s difficult, and most importantly, it’s finite.

The definition of life states, “A condition that distinguishes humans and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.” The definition reminds us that we are living, functional, beings that are capable of growing, producing life, and changing before we stop living. Let’s talk about that a little more.


The definition states that growth is increasing amount, value, or importance. There are a few different ways that life allows us to grow – mentally, physically, and emotionally. How incredible is it that we have the capacity to grow our minds, our bodies, and our emotional responses to stimulants we encounter every day? We have the ability to foster our own growth, write our own stories, and break our own molds.


Although our lives are finite, meaning that they have limits or bounds, we have the ability to produce more life. Being alive and able to reproduce is beautiful because we extend our legacies. Two people can create another living being and bring it into the world as another living being. We fill the world with parts of ourselves to make life even more beautiful. We share our existence with others, we find love in eachother, and we expand life with eachother.


Having the ability to adapt to the situations we’re faced with is another beautiful part of living. We can change our physical appearance, our attitudes, our jobs. We can change majors, where we live, and who we spend our time with. We have the mental capacity to evaluate our situation and make necessary changes to increase our own happiness. Change is inevitable but living allows us to adapt to it.


Some see death as the opposite of living, and in some ways it is. However, to remind you that life is a beautiful thing – try to look at death as part of life. If we all lived and functioned forever, what beauty would we see in the time we’re given. What care would we take of our bodies or of our world? There is beauty and excitement in things that will not last forever – an appreciation like no other. Death should be appreciated and valued as much as the life we live before it should be.

The definition of life should remind us that it’s beautiful. It’s a state of being that is unique outside of our planet (that we know of). It’s characterized by difficult times. We’re prone to illness, greed, and war. However, we are special, unique, and most importantly – we’re alive.

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