Why I love good reads: The benefits of reading

There’s nothing I love more when I have free time than sitting back with a good book. I can read for hours and hours given the chance. Whether it’s an action-packed novel that has me on the edge of my seat in suspense or an autobiography. You name it, I’ll read it.
Why do I love reading so much? I’ll tell you.

1. Reading is good for your health 

Losing yourself in a fictional world is a great way to shut out your worries for a little while. And that’s good for you! It beats stress, and we all know how tough stress can be.

And all of that escapism can boost your mood, meaning improved mental health.

And finally, reading gives your brain a workout. And keeping your mind strong and active improves cognition and even reduces the risk of dementia in old age.

2. It’s inspiring

A lot of us can get stuck living out the same routine day in day out. Reading allows you to transport yourself away from your everyday reality. It shakes things up and alters your thinking.

The more you read, the more you learn. And knowledge is power.

Books open your mind up to new possibilities and can inspire you to make changes to your real life. A lot of the world’s most successful people credit a specific book as the source of inspiration or motivation.

3. It can improve your problem-solving skills

Problem-solving often requires creativity. And that is something that reading sparks inside all of us.

It also provides a break from the overthinking and overanalyzing that can lead us round in circles when it comes to solving life’s problems.

I’m sure I’m not the first person you’ve heard advocating for taking a break from a problem you’re stuck on and coming back to it with fresh eyes later. Well not only will picking up a book take your mind away from your worries allowing you that break. But it will also ignite your creative juices, so when you come back to your problem, all of that outside the box thinking will become easier.

4. It can help you to grow as a person

It can be tough to understand and tolerate things we don’t know anything about sometimes. We often live in our own little bubble without experiencing a lot of the issues that exist in the world.

Thanks to the power of books, we can gain some insight (even if we can never truly understand) into a whole new world of issues we would otherwise remain ignorant of.

Reading about a subject even a little bit can help you to expand your horizons, open your mind, and grow into an all around more understanding person.

5. It can increase intelligence 

Studies into children found that not only do people that read frequently have more extensive vocabularies but they score higher on general intelligence tests too. Reading literally makes you smarter.

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