What we can learn from successful people like Og Mandino

Today we are going to delve into what it takes to be successful like Og Mandino. Something that we should put out there is we cannot guarantee success. What we are going to do is give you a framework that should help increase the odds of attaining success but the only certainties in life are death and taxes!

Don’t Be Ordinary

If you want to be extraordinary then you have to do things differently than everyone else. While some people are born wealthy that does not mean you cannot achieve success but you will need to put in the extra effort. This effort has to be focused in areas that will have a direct and tangible impact on your ultimate goal which is success.

Clearly Defining What Success Means to You

In order to reach your goals, you must clearly define them. Success means different things to different individuals so you have to figure out what it would mean to you. The next question is to ask yourself why you want to reach this goal, is it to impress other people or you are doing this for yourself? There is no right or wrong answer but if you are doing something to impress other people you could end up regretting it or not being able to put in the total effort needed to reach your goal.

Getting the Right Type of Help

When you have made the commitment to move forward and work towards your goal the next thing that you will need to do is seek out people who can help you. It would be impractical to think you can do it all on your own. You will need to surround yourself with a team of people who will help you, this team should have complimentary skills so you can focus on your strengths.

Preparing for Adversity

Success requires a huge amount of effort, you will need to overcome adversity at each and every stop along the way. This tenacity is what will give you the motivation needed to stick with your dream even when things seem like they are falling apart. Circling back to our point about doing this goal for yourself and no-one else otherwise you will quit when things get tough.

Celebrating Milestones

This is a vital item if an individual wants to reach their goals in life. These milestones will provide inspiration and motivation when an individual is feeling tired or discouraged. By setting mini-targets an individual can see progress and that should keep them pushing forward towards their dreams.

All of the qualities are displayed by successful individuals like Og Mandino and you can harness your full potential, it comes down to a matter of desire and effort.

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